Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Day

Welcome to the day when we celebrate the birth of the King! I've been spending time on the computer that belongs to Jill's aunt. Adaware came out with over 300 cookies and other nasties. That helped, but there are still a few items showing up with Spybot including one or two items on the topic of Essie ecks (pronounce that to know what I'm talking about). Jill's aunt was pretty shocked. I'm running a virus scan straight from Symantec's site now as they don't have any virus protection on their computer either. I'm simply amazed at how many people don't have any type of protections on their computers apart from what their ISP gives them. That is definitely a frightening thing. Microsoft can say all they want about the importance of security, but people don't make the connection when they feel secure in all other areas of their lives. Today is VERY relaxed around here, though. There's a light snow falling, and we got some overnight as well. Dubuque is a beautiful city. It doesn't have a great reputation in a lot of ways, but it's tough to beat all of the beautiful scenery due to the bluffs surrounding the Mississippi River. It contradicts all of the stereotypes that people have about Iowa being flat, that's for sure. We always enjoy coming here and cruising around the city. It's a great place for Bald Eagle watching too!

Jesus is the Reason for the season!