Monday, January 17, 2005

Does CU Denver Really Exist?

The latest saga in my attempt to take an online grad class through the University of Colorado at Denver has taken yet another weird turn. I'm starting to wonder if CU-Denver actually exists or if it is an elaborate ruse designed to steal money from unsuspecting fools such as myself. After trying to sign up for a class only to have their computer system tell me that I couldn't, I called and was told that there was a different course number I had to enter, one that I had never seen in their system.

I received a bill over the holidays that was two and a half times what I was supposed to be charged. No one in the bursar's office would help me until I got the Pete, from the online program I was trying to get into, to call and explain to them how they are supposed to charge online students. It finally got straightened out, so I gave the bursar's office my credit card info so they could get the paperwork done before the system automatically "unenrolled" me.

I received an email sometime in there saying that there was an online orientation class designed to help students understand how the online classes operated, so I decided to log in, once I had paid, and give it a try. I couldn't log in. The CU Online help desk informed me that I wasn't listed in their database, but that it took 24-48 hours for that to happen. My payment went in on January 11th, so I decided to wait a couple days and try again. I tried on the 14th and got the same problem, same email from the help desk (I think the help desk sends out the same message, but automatically changes the "name" of the "person" who's responding to my cries for help).

Tonight I decided to look into this a bit further, and here is what I've found. My credit card has been properly charged, and the charge was, in fact, January 11th. The registrar's online registration system, however, tells me that I am not registered for any classes this semester. That's right, after jumping through a bunch of hoops just to get signed up for a class, now it's telling me that I'm not signed up for a class, though the bursar's office was given records that I was, thus they billed me. Of course, it's a three day weekend with classes starting on Tuesday, so I won't know until Tuesday if I'm really a student or not, but they've got my money!