Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Davos Notes

Jay Nordlinger has been in Davos Switzerland for the World Economic Summit. He's writing for the National Review. This is a terrifically humorous look at the world political scene. Here's a look at Tony Blair's speech on global warming and Africa:

"His main topics are to be "climate change" and Africa, his two big agenda items for the G8, which he is heading. He says, "Forgive a smile" — I love that phrase, "forgive a smile" — "but it seems to me that every time I give a speech about global warming, I have to come through ice and snow to do it." That's a fine acknowledgment, a touch that Al Gore would be incapable of lending, I think."

Check out part one here. Follow the links to hit parts 2-5. It's a lot of reading, but very good.

Kudos to Rudy for the great read!