Friday, April 08, 2005

Boys Visit The Doctor

Today we visited a new allergist. We felt like we learned more in a couple hours than we had learned in the last three years. Isaac was tested much more thoroughly than he had before since it was he is two now. Nathan got the prick test, which will give us much better results than he had had previously. Both boys then got to have blood drawn later for some further testing. All in all, they spent about half the day in medical offices. They did a great job. Very little complaining or crying. Nathan didn't cry at all, even when they drew blood. Isaac only cried when a needle hit him. He did have a more serious reaction to the prick tests than we had seen him have before. We're thinking it was due to the peanut test. His face started getting rashy and slightly swollen. He had never been exposed to peanuts before, so we were surprised at the reaction. Once all the tests results are in, we'll go back for more consultation. In the meantime, they'll be on some medication every day primarily to see how it affects them. I ended up working only half a day, which was fine with me. I'm still functioning in the exhausted mode. Gotta love the restaurant business (not!).