Sunday, June 19, 2005

Trying New Stuff in Tiger

I'm becoming more and more impressed with Tiger (Apple's latest operating system) every day! Tonight I finally logged in to an online tutorial on Tiger. First off, I was just happy to be able to do that because my free access was supposed to have ended more than a week ago. Apple is very good about that type of stuff. I kind of figured that I'd still be able to access it, and I'm VERY glad I could. I picked up a few very cool tips.

Second, there is SO much cool stuff for me to learn. I used Automator to set up a function where I can convert any document into a pdf and email it all in one step, all from the Print dialog box. ANY DOCUMENT!! IN ANY APPLICATION!! How cool is that?!? Windows won't even let you convert something to pdf without spending money on third party software. I can convert it and email it in ONE step, and its part of the OS! Automator was something I figured I'd never use, now I think I'll be using it a LOT! That was simply too awesome.

I can pull up a definition for any word on my screen by double clicking on it and hitting Control-Command-D. The definition appears right there under the word. Of course, I can also select a thesaurus in place of a definition. Maybe now I'll be able to learn some of those big theological words (can you say, "propitiation?"). Yup, it worked on that big theological word...very cool!

Spotlight is better than I imagined. I might start using it now! I've never been one to use search tools, so it really hasn't been touched much. It might get used quite a bit more now, though.

I was griping on Apple's RSS feed the other day. Tonight I learned there are some features that I hadn't paid any attention to. Sorry Apple, I'm happier now (still like Firefox a LOT, but I'm happier now). Safari also let's me right-click on any photo on the web and store it directly to iPhoto. Aren't there legal issues with that?!? I like it. I pulled a few pics out and put them in a paper today. Very cool!

My only gripe at this point? Why won't Blogger get a hyperlink field in the Post Creator?!? It's not Apple's issue, but its a pain!