Monday, July 25, 2005

Map To My House

Now that Microsoft and Google have both putting out their satellite mapping software, how do they compare? Well, my street address is 1234 (seriously, that's the truth!). In Google, I have to enter 1268 or 1270 in order to get it pinpoint perfect. In Microsoft, well, I'm really not sure. The zoom function didn't really work very well. As I was zooming in one screen at a time, it became obvious that the tag for my house was on the wrong side of the street and was further west than Google's had been. I wasn't really sure how to get the tag to move across the street. When I tried it again later, the satellite image disappeared into more of a Mapquest sort of look. When I tried 1275, I got closer, but the tag was still on the wrong side of the street. Does Redmond (home of Microsoft) not have even-numbered addresses on one side of the street and odd-numbered addresses on the other? I will say, though, that the Mapquest look was better. The satellite image was older and didn't show the massive re-routing of the major road behind our house (it used to be several blocks north, now the house behind us faces it). Oh, and the zoom function worked much better the second time around. The Google satellite image showed the re-routed street, but it also showed a lot of vehicles at our house. That means the picture was from two years ago, before the business that previously occupied our house had moved out.

In the end, I'd have to send someone to Google for the better aerial view of our house. I'd guess that Microsoft will catch up quickly, but it's not quite there yet. Scoble says that the MSN crew are currently updating their images, so that will be a big help. Right now they're behind, though.