Sunday, July 31, 2005

Why Software Makers Should Produce for the Mac

Om Malik had an article a few months ago that made some very good arguments designed to show software makers why the Mac is a great choice for their releases. I'd add something else to his article. Mac users require less support. I've only called one software support line in over ten years of Mac use, and that was for software designed to get a Mac connected to a Windows server. Online FAQs? That same software, and Microsoft's Mac site. That's really about it. Of course, I've been to other Mac software sites, but never for support.

So, not only does a software creator get a lot of good press very quickly (assuming they create decent software) without any marketing, they also get to sell it with very little support required. Instead, however, software makers keep putting out Windows software first because that's where the most users are. They are forgetting, though, that that is also where most of the software makers are. Their products can't get nearly the same press coverage, nor can they get their product out there without an initial outlay of marketing cash. Thus, they start out with the costs of making, marketing, and supporting their products in a saturated market instead of cutting out the marketing and a significant amount of the support costs in a smaller and more receptive market. Perhaps that's why the Omni Group has stuck to a Mac only market for their products, to great success, no less.