Monday, August 15, 2005

Pastor Rocked the House!

Our senior pastor preached a sermon yesterday that needed to be preached years before he even came to town, and he's been in town for 13 years! There has been an attitude at our church that if you don't like a pastor, quit giving. That attitude is wrong. Yesterday Pastor John took people to task for it. He didn't go so far as to name names (he doesn't have the names to give out), but he could deal in groups. He noted changes in giving patterns in particular groups without naming them. Of course, lots of us know who those groups/individuals are because they "brag" about their sin. Now they'll probably call for his head not realizing that they're pulling a Cain thing (I John 3:12). Ah, the joys of dealing with humans. Some people avoid churches because of this type of thing, but end up doing the same thing in their neighborhoods or social clubs or whatever. Seems that where ever people gather life gets rocky.