Friday, October 21, 2005

New Mac User?

Got a call from a friend today. She had been thinking about getting an iMac G4, the iMac with the dome. She hadn't come up with the money when she knew someone who had one for sale, so now she's just hoping again. She's now thinking seriously about a Mac mini. Definitely a good buy! I love our mini. They are outstanding computers! She'd be able to get a brand new mini for the same price as a used iMac. She was introduced to the Mac when I fired one up in her office a while back. She couldn't believe how easy to use it was. She couldn't believe that I would say, "Go ahead and play around on it, you won't hurt it." No one had ever encouraged her to go loose on a computer before. Everyone is afraid that something will bad will happen. I'm not. Go ahead, and play around.