Thursday, October 27, 2005

Think Different

A few years back Apple ran a series of ads entitled "Think Different." Today, Rosa Parks was added to the list of people who thought different. I've got about 6 of the posters from that original series. They showed up in the teachers' lounge at school one day during my teaching days. Amazingly, no one wanted them! I grabbed one of each, printed out a little blurb on each and laminated them with the blurb on the back. Very cool stuff. From memory I've got Amelia Earhart, Miles Davis, Cesar Chavez, Pablo Picasso, a scientist whose name escapes me a the moment, and Albert Einstein (not the same scientist whose name I forgot). It seems like there's one or two more. I didn't take the John & Oko poster, it wasn't appropriate for a classroom of fifth graders.