Thursday, November 17, 2005

Blogging CCDA

We arrived at CCDA at 10 AM, just as we expected...except that we forgot that there was a time change (Indiana really needs to change clocks like the rest of the country so people know what time it is when they enter Indiana). The first day has been great. Jill and I went our separate ways to workshops, Jill to an Emerging Leaders workshop, and I went to a fundraising workshop. Both were excellent. Jeremy and Rudy led Jill's workshop. The were outstanding. She's got a lot of feedback for Borderlands. Look out Jason!!

After the workshops we met up with a bunch of folks from Evangelical Free Churches. There were about 25 of us who met and then had dinner together. Of those 25, almost half were African-American. This wasn't your momma's Free Church gathering!!

Tomorrow we'll catch up with the Henkels and have lunch with Jeremy before I go into his blogging workshop (Rudy cancelled at the minute so he could attend an event for Sam, can't blame him for that). Jeremy is filling in at the last minute and is hoping to have some other bloggers in the audience. He's co-leading it with someone he's never met. It should still be good, though. I was really hoping for Rudy (sorry, Jeremy) as he's got a great blog with a lot of customization. I want something like that, but haven't had the time to learn...yet. I'll also catch a workshop on homebuyer education. I was shocked to see something like that here, so I'm a bit psyched about that.

Blog ya later!