Saturday, November 05, 2005

New Recruit

I've finally got Sven to join Team Mac OS X. He's folding under the name "BillyGLuvsOSX" which totally cracked me up. There is actually a team that is showing up on our "Threats" list. It appears that at our current rates, CustomPC will pass us in a little over 20 years. Hopefully we'll have some more recruits using their computers for medical research on behalf of Team Mac OS X by then. Speaking of which, why aren't YOU folding? It's easy, and doesn't interfere with your computer usage (unless you're playing some highly intense graphics game). It's easy to sign up, and there is software on our Team's site for both Macs and Windows. Just make sure that you type 1971 when it asks for your team number. As far as your user name? Pick whatever you want. Questions? We've got a great forum with friendly people.

Hey, isn't Rudy a Stanford Mac user? Of all the people I can think of, he definitely ought to be supporting Team Mac OS X by running Stanford's Folding software! Rudy, sign up and get your school in on it to! It'd make a great science lesson, and maybe Dr. Vijay Pande from Stanford would drop in on the school to help out with that.