Wednesday, February 16, 2005

And Now, Back to the mini

I took a quick break, so now I can go on about the Mac mini guilt free. It was a breeze to set up. For some reason I could not set up the Airport connection through the initial start up process. I was being told that the password was wrong. I finally quit trying and decided to set it up after everything else was going. That worked without a hitch, so now I'm surfing the web wirelessly from two computers. I've turned on iTunes sharing feature, as well as iPhoto's sharing feature on the old computer. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, as the boys are in bed and the computer is in the next room. I'll get my chance, though. I immediately downloaded Folding software to get this puppy working for Stanford University. I then downloaded Firefox for my browser. Apple's browser is light years ahead of Internet Exploder, but I much prefer Firefox. The drop down menu in the URL bar is really the difference for me. It works like I think it should work. I've never figured out how to use Safari's URL bar other than for typing a URL. The RSS feeds is another awesome feature of Firefox. I'd be putting another piece of software on my computer just for that if Firefox didn't have it. As it is, I can simply hit a button and add the RSS for a site to my Bookmarks, and usually to my Bookmark Bar. Very sweet.

One thing lacking with the mini is Classic. Our old (as in three years old) eMac allows older Mac software to run in Classic mode. This essentially means that we can run two operating systems at once. I never used it much until the boys started getting computer games. Most educational games are designed for Mac OS 9 and earlier, so Classic is essential for running them. It really doesn't bother me too much, though. It means that I have an excuse for keeping a computer free for adult use only. :) Anyway, set up was a breeze, as it should be.