Monday, February 14, 2005

Getting Scobleized

Gary Peterson learned the effects of being Scobleized. In the blog world, Robert Scoble is one of the most widely read bloggers. He's one of the many Microsoft bloggers, and he does a good job of representing the Evil Empire. Seriously. He actually makes a Tablet PC sound tempting, until I remember that its running Windows. Early this morning he linked to Gary's blog, and that meant that tons of his readers did too (like me). Turns out that Gary is a Christian who took exception to the ad during the Super Bowl, as did the NFL, who yanked their second commercial spot after seeing the first ad. Gary's point was simply that Bob Parsons, the CEO of GoDaddy, is not the person to be determining what is OK for Gary's kids to watch, as Parsons seemed to be doing in defense of his ad. Scoble isn't exactly friendly to Christians (he's not rude either, but its obvious that he thinks we're all a bunch of hypocrits, though he'd also probably never live in any of the neighborhoods I've lived in, or Rudy, or Abner, or Jeremy, or...), but many of his readers are simply angry people when the issue of religion is brought up. Gary has had the "joy" of deleting posts by people who can't seem to express an opinion without using obscenities.

As I read through the comments on Gary's site, I couldn't help but think of how far humans are from God. To flat out curse God is something I can't imagine. To claim to be speaking for God is something else that's difficult to do, that's why Christians quote the Bible. It's easier to let God speak than to try to do it ourselves. Don't get me wrong, I don't even begin to understand some of the things that occur on this planet, the tsunami being just one of many. I've prayed with people who have been healed from horrible diseases and issues that I don't think are that important, but they are to that person. I've also prayed with people who have died from horrible diseases. The man I replaced as elder chairman died of cancer before his daughter graduated from high school. I can't begin to understand the why's of that. Still, we, as Christians, are able to go back to read about Job and his interaction with God. When we face the unthinkable, do we listen to "Job's friends" who tell us to curse God or do we listen to the voice of God and realize that there are simply things we aren't going to understand. I choose to listen to the voice of God.