Sunday, February 13, 2005

Following the Missionary Links

Joe's blog led me to Keith's blog, which led me to Joseph's blog. Connecting with missionaries is awesome because of several reasons. First, they have a very different view of the world than most Americans, conservative or liberal. They don't have idealistic views of how other nations/cultures do things or view the world. They are, simply put, grounded. A second reason is that missionaries have an incredible bond with one another. Whenever my good friend, Dan (who grew up as an missionary kid (MK) in Venezuela), meets other missionaries or MK's, he is a joy to watch, because he thrives on talking with them, and they thrive on that same conversation. The third reason that connecting with missionaries is awesome is that they have personal contacts and friends who you could never hope to meet otherwise. My example above bears that out.

Joe Missionary contacted me about The Dad's Group, so I started following his blog. That led me to Keith's blog, among others, which led me to Joseph's blog. Now, I would guess that the number of Africans in the blogosphere is pretty small. Here is where Joseph's blog is so important. As a Christian who is serving the Lord in his home country of Sudan, his view of Christianity is going to be shaped by the world in which he lives, thus he blogs about AIDS and war. I would just like to say, "Thank you, Joseph, for informing me of God's work in Sudan! I am a better Christian and a better pray-er as a result."

Please hook up with Joseph's blog, and follow it. RSS and Atom feeds are available, so take advantage of them.