Saturday, February 19, 2005

Neighborhood Politicians

So, you're a City alderman, up for reelection. You also run a neighborhood restaurant, so how do you spend your Saturdays? Apparently going door to door leaving a note on people's doors saying, "Sorry I missed you." I got home from the office (where I went to study for a while in peace) and found a note in the door saying just that, with the name of our incumbent alderman and that note. Jill had been home all morning, so I asked her if she had heard the doorbell ring. She said that she hadn't, and the dog hadn't gone crazy at all, so its pretty safe to assume that the alderman came to our door and left a note without even trying to see if someone was home. Hmmm...must want to be reelected pretty badly, either that or he knows who lives in our house already (just moved in August). He already walks away from the counter of his restaurant when I walk in. Pretty friendly, eh? Either that or he knows he did the wrong thing by blocking the major project we're working on at ZDC. Still, he ought to have the guts to say, "Hi," I've never been unfriendly with him.