Saturday, March 05, 2005

Crazy Week Ends, Finally

Wow, has it been crazy this week. My job has suddenly found me managing a restaurant in addition to all my regular activities. Ugh. Its really not something that can be done part-time. We're hoping to turn around and sell the restaurant quickly and we have a couple of possible scenarios, one of which I need to follow up on. Needless to say, I've been coming home wiped out. My schoolwork has fallen by the wayside and I've been going to bed a little earlier (10:30) simply due to the emotional toll its been taking. By Friday I had a couple people comment that I was looking rather glum, so I know that the exhaustion of the week was coming through. Fortunately its simply a lunchtime soup and sandwich place, so I don't have to work weekends. Actually, that's not totally true, I may be working next Saturday due to the St. Pats Day Parade. All of our local parades start right in front of the restaurant, so we'd be crazy not to be open those days. This one snuck up on me, so we're going to talk about it as a staff on Monday and go from there.

Anyone want to buy a local franchise?