Friday, March 18, 2005

False Advertising

I was at checking out my Folding stats and I decided to poke around a little bit and see how much home built computers would run. The first page I saw had a deal on a Dell 2700 with hyperthreading technology. I decided to check it out just for fun, thinking that $499 was a very good price on that computer. I was linked to Dell for the special deal and there it was, the Dell 2700 listed at $499. I couldn't hit purchase right there (not that I'd spend that much money that inpulsively, I just noticed it wasn't an option), so I hit the customize button. I went down through the list to see what I'd have to get rid of to get that $499 price. There wasn't anything. I could not subtract a dime in any spec. When I got to the bottom of the page, the price was $599. Now, I'm not the most simple person on earth, neither am I the most sophisticated, but something about that doesn't seem right. What is the price of the computer?!? Personally, I call that "Lying."