Monday, March 14, 2005

Mac mini Potential

I've been following the Nerd Vittles series on using the Mac mini as an ISP. I'm seriously thinking about giving it a go if I ever get the free time necessary to do that. What could I do with it? I could move my website, email, and blog all to my mini and host them right there. I don't spend a whole lot of money on this stuff, and I'd still have to have internet access, so it wouldn't be free. At the same time though, I could switch to cable internet and then switch our phone service to Vonage, cutting our costs even further. Guess I'd have to see what kind of contract terms we've got with our current phone service, but eventually, I'd end up saving quite a bit. Hmmm...

Besides the cost, what are the advantages. Well, locally there's only one hometown ISP, that I know about, and they don't support PHP, which is really a very basic thing anymore. The Mac mini series at Nerd Vittles includes directions for installing MySQL and PHP, and its all free. Hey, I could even host my employer's site and make it worthwhile financially. Hmmm... again.