Friday, March 18, 2005

Living By A Horoscope

I've been following a local reporter's series called, "Scoped Out." about living by his horoscope. Each day for a month he tries to figure out what his horoscope is telling him to do and he does it. It has some very funny moments, but also some interesting stuff as well. Of course, I enjoyed the reading early on as he was paying the "Stupid Tax" (my term, its a special tax you pay for being stupid). In the end, his horoscope was terribly wrong, but the state greatly appreciated his donation.

I've also found it interesting to see how vague the horoscope is, and how easily they can be interpreted differently. It doesn't appear to be that difficult to live by your horoscope if you're a pretty decent person (I know, there's a whole theological bent to that that I'm not even going to discuss here, this is supposed to be a relatively lightweight post). He sums it up very well in an earlier article in the series by saying:

"This past week following my sun signs was difficult. Not because it gave me anything challenging to do, like, 'wrestle a lion,' or 'find the Lost Ark of the Covenant,' but because it did the opposite. Each morning I wake up wondering what my horoscope will have me do that day, but even after I read my forecast I was still wondering, 'What am I supposed to do today?'

My forecast included cliche advice such as 'rejection is God’s protection,' and 'friendships are not without occasional strife.'

I could get better directions from a gas station."

Yup, ya probably could.