Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Apple Blog for the Day

Today was the announcement from Apple. Mac OSX 10.4, aka Tiger, will be released on April 29th, 17 days from now. Rockford doesn't have an Apple Store, so I won't be waiting in line at midnight. Of course, I may have it already. Yep, I placed my online order today. The educational discount is outstanding, so I'll be upgrading for $70 instead of $100. Not bad. I don't think I'll touch my work computer, though. Apple's ability to log into the Active Directory in Windows 2003 Server hasn't been very impressive, and I can't risk breaking ADmitMac. Thus, I won't upgrade in the office.

In other Apple news, I saw that this week's free song giveaway is by Relient K! The iTunes Music Store, Apple's online music store (and the most popular online music store in the world), gives away a free song every week (starting on Tuesdays). They are often little known or outdated artists, so I have generally passed on the opportunity to build my music library for free. Today, however, was the start of a week of Relient K giveaways. Excellent!! Since it's from the only album I don't have, it was a no brainer to pick it up. I've been pretty happy with my recent music additions, what with the Pepsi promo and all. I've been able to add a couple of albums to our collection (Nathan is very happy about the Mary Poppins album in our system!). Anyway, if you haven't already checked out the iTunes Music Store, its the only place we buy music anymore. You can download iTunes software (a jukebox software) that gives you access to the store at the Apple website. Setting up an account is simple, and the Relient K song is a freebie this week, so download away!!