Monday, May 30, 2005

The Perfect House

Chicago-style bungalows are finally getting the recognition that they deserve. They are, in my opinion, the perfect house. We've got some good friends on Chicago's south side who have owned a bungalow for quite a few years now. I have never seen a more perfectly designed home in my life...ever...anywhere! Their home is a basic one story with 3 bedrooms, a full bath, kitchen, dining room and living room. Here's the catch. If that's not enough space, finish the basement. Our friends have three bedrooms and a full bath in the basement, plus the mechanical room and a tv/sitting area at the bottom of the stairs (that's as big as a bedroom). Wait! Still short on space? The Chicago style bungalow is 1.5 stories tall. That means that additional space can be finished upstairs. I've looked at the attic with our friends as they have talked about finishing it. I think they could get a bathroom and two bedrooms comfortably upstairs. Suddenly that 3 bedroom house with a full bath, kitchen, dining room, and living room is a home with the same kitchen, dining room and living room, but it also has eight bedrooms, three bathrooms and a tv/sitting room. And yes, it can fit on a lot that is only 25 feet wide!!! THAT is the perfect home!