Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Emergent Heresy Test, Part 2

Andrew Jones has a much needed post on the importance of letting people know what the emerging church stands for. His previous post has caused Theopedia to make some serious revisions to their definition of the emerging church. The biggest difficulty is that most people define the emerging church based on the writings of Brian McLaren. It is sooo much bigger than that, so using that as the definition really alienates most of the people who are taking part in the conversation. Combine that with the fact that many Biblically solid churches are adding to the mix without joining the "formal" (for lack of a better term) conversation and there is a lot of potential for confusion. My church has a great way of approaching it, "Using the Bible as our guide, we will engage existing and emerging cultures..." It keeps the main thing the main thing, but allows for different methods of presenting it.