Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tomorrow's the Last Day

Tomorrow I end the longest employment stint I've ever had. It'll be my last day at Zion. It has really been a great ride, and I have no regrets for having worked for an organization that I consider the best non-profit in the region. I'll continue to do some computer consulting work for them to help keep their costs down on that end.

My move to the Rockford Area Affordable Housing Coalition is very good for me at this point, and I hope that it will be good for the Coalition as well. There are an awful lot of people who have been very encouraging, including my co-workers at Zion and the Board at the Coalition. I got a lot of great advice from my current boss during my exit interview today, much of which I knew and much of which I didn't.

A big thanks to my many friends associated with Zion! It's been a great time and I won't be very far away (hey, most of you drive by my house every day on your way home!).