Saturday, September 10, 2005

Recovery Mode...When?

After working more than 40 hours this week, a week with a holiday, no less, ushering my one full-time employee out the door for a hospital stay, overseeing two classes, two volunteer service projects, and the taking part in the kick-off of our church's new Saturday night service, I was really looking forward to doing nothing on Sunday (well, except all the school work I have not done this week). Now we may be having a lead paint test and we are definitely attending a birthday party for my nephew. Ah well, parties are always a good thing. We should be able to put off the lead test until Tuesday AM, and since we're going to church tonight, there will be no pressure to be there Sunday morning. Jill thinks it would be weird not to go to church on Sundays. I'm hoping to make it a practice! :-) One day of rest will be a good thing.

I'm finally getting caught up on the blogs I read. I've got a few minutes of peace while the rest of the family sleeps in. The boys decided to get up for a while at 4:30. They were back to sleep by 6, so Jill will sleep in with them while I get ready to go to our service project at a local public housing development. Its a first-of-its-kind project locally. Love, INC is coordinating it and hoping to do it every month. They've got churches lined up for the first year, but we're the first, so its a bit of an experiment and Love, INC will be learning a few lessons this morning to make it easier in the future. I don't mind heading up things like this, but the timing really isn't very good for me (I didn't have any say in that part of it). Perhaps at some point I'll comment on my visit to DC a few weeks ago. I will say that meeting up with Jack and being introduced to his lovely bride was a outstanding. If you're ever in DC and just want to hang out and talk with cool people, I'll get in touch with the Boeve's for you! While I really enjoyed my class, hanging out with the Boeve's was far and away the highlight of my week. I came back with some great ideas for church services after visiting their church (Jack heads up the web site team, so make sure you visit it!. I've always loved the idea of communion every week. That comes from my mom's Plymouth Brethern background. Implementing it in a way that is laid back and meaningful was very good for me to see. Ah well, I'll post more later (when I'm needing a break from the schoolwork!). Have a great weekend, and relax for me, will ya?