Friday, October 21, 2005

Hurricane Wilma

Jill's uncle lives in Playa del Carmen (here's his website with a picture of his house on the left), where he manages property, including time shares and even renting out rooms in his own home two blocks from the ocean. Hurricane Wilma is the second direct hit they've taken from hurricanes this season, the first being Emily. We probably won't hear anything for a few more days at best. I'm sure his family is inland staying with his in-laws. I'm also sure that he stayed put. Their home is built out of cement and is designed to withstand winds up to 300 mph. Of course, they probably don't have any windows left, though. They lost all their windows in July, with the first hurricane. The entire family stayed for that one, but Jill's aunt vowed not to stay for another one. It was a very frightening experience. The amount of rain is sure to bring up some snakes. I'm also sure much of the town will be devastated. Though its a tourist spot, much of the town is mired in poverty, living in shacks that are incapable of withstanding a hurricane, muchless two in one season. I'll post more once I know more.