Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Week At Microsoft

What did Microsoft accomplish this week?

Their Windows Media Center for Longhorn (aka Vista) was reviewed. Apparently it's too difficult to use.

They introduced Live, which promptly died. On the spot. In the middle of their introduction. That hurts. Throw in the thoughts of people who have actually put together Keynote addresses, and you get a review like this: "How can the most successful technology company in history, run by the richest man in the universe, stand in front of the world with such incredibly lame slides in their presentation? They look like something put together by a high school kid who just discovered clip art and shaded backgrounds." Then, just to show you how bad it was, Mike included a photo of the presentation. He's right, I could have done much better, and I'm really not good at that sort of thing.

Of course, it all ends with blog posts like mine, inspired by articles like this one. Nice photo there, Mr. Ballmer (for those who don't know, he's actually the CEO of Microsoft, Mr. Gates is not).