Sunday, January 01, 2006

Paul Thurrot Bought A Mac!

Paul is best known for his tech columns on the virtues of Windows, so I was quite surprised to see that bought a Mac mini for his wife at Christmastime! Although he is very proficient in all things Windows, he got tired of having to be proficient for his wife's computers too. It was easier to buy her a computer that she wouldn't need an IT expert to maintain. The comments that follow show that there are plenty of zealots on all sides of the fence (Windows, Mac, and Linux). Personally, I use all three. I definitely prefer Macs. They are the easiest to use and require the least maintenance. Linux is the most difficult. I can't imagine using it everyday (though I know people do). My favorite comment on the article came from DougW:

"My wife is a technophobe. I bought her an iBook. She first used the browser, then email, now she sells on eBay. About a month ago my 19 month old daughter dropped it on the carpet when it wasn't plugged in & my wife said I had to have it repaired. I pressed the "on" button and it booted up. Apparently the jar had momentarily disconnected the battery. The point is, SHE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THE POWER SWITCH. For a year now, she merely openned the lid and used it, or closed the lid and it was off (sleep). Apple rocks."

She had never used the power button!!! Too funny!