Monday, February 20, 2006

Those Crazy Train Guys

I took the boys down to Rochelle, IL for a little train watching. Not too many folks out there today, it was a bit chilly. We did meet a fellow from Milwaukee who had heard about Railroad Park many times, but had never been there before. He was on his way home from a business trip to Witchita and decided to stop for a few minutes. He'll definitely be returning. His short time there saw a couple of full trains and this light engine move.

These three engines were moving through the crossing (aka diamonds) at about 40 mph. As they passed, we suddenly realized there was a worker straddling the last two engines. You can see him if you look at the picture up close. We were shocked!

After hanging out at Railroad Park for a while, the boys and I went to a local McDonalds, ate, and played at the indoor play area. We then headed back for another hour of train watching. The after lunch train watching was a bit better than the morning (though the morning was pretty good too). Its always fun for the boys as the engineers almost always wave to them. One even gave an extra long blast of the whistle and opened his window so the boys would see him wave to them. Pretty nice thing to do on a cold day like today.

The fellow we met from Milwaukee reminded me to treasure these days. His kids haven't been willing to go out with him since they hit their teenage years. I don't know if mine will, but I definitely treasure these days while I have them!!