Sunday, March 05, 2006

Why Dads are Important

Jeremy lists the top ten fatherhood facts. My kids are currently running through the house as though their pants were on fire (they're not, trust me!). In the midst of the chaos, I read Jeremy's post and can say that I'm glad I'm a father. Modern society seems to have confused the roles of Daddy and sperm donor (ever hear someone say, "Who's your daddy?"). I stood in a gas station near our old house one day and heard a guy walk into the store and see a lady he knew. He turned to the lady's child (about 3 years old) and asked the child if he knew who his daddy was. He started razzing this little toddler over something the child had no control over. The fact is, this little boy didn't have a daddy at all. "Daddy" is a title that a child gives their father because they love their father. Being Daddy is a job that can only be rivaled by "Mommy." If your child doesn't give you the title of Daddy, then you don't have it. Period. You can't give that name to yourself.