Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Hitting the Road

Tis the season, right? After two Christmas celebrations in two states on the same day, Jill and I took the boys up to see my grandma in southern Wisconsin. It's still a bit over an hour for the drive each way, so I hate doing that in an evening, but it was really the only time we could scrape together, and the Lord only knows how many more times we'll be able to celebrate Christmas with her (she turned 100 back in August). It was the first time that Nathan has been in a nursing home and been able to comprehend some of what he saw. He asked us a lot of questions when we left. Fortunately my grandma is in tip-top shape mentally, so it is always pleasant to visit with her, and my aunt is usually there as well (we arrange the visits through her since she lives in town).

We had a great time and the boys enjoyed "meeting" grandma since they don't remember the last time they saw her (which was at her 100th party, but that was also the day we moved, so that whole time period is a blur to us, much less the kids!). Grandma has never had much, that happens when you marry a farmer, but she is also very content and a great example of Godliness to all of us. We gave her recent family pictures and she gave each of the boys a card with a dollar bill. I was very glad to hear that my brother and his family got up there over the weekend too. All in all, grandma had a great Christmas, and it was good to be a small part of that.