Monday, January 03, 2005

Back Home

After attending church in Des Moines and then getting some lunch at Jill's Grandma's house (had to finish off some left overs), we headed home. The boys did great in the Sunday school at her church. Isaac's only crying fit was when he got a diaper change, so that was good.

We took a slightly longer route going home by heading north on I-35 and then over on US-20 through Waterloo and Dubuque. Illinois doubled the toll rates for anyone without an I-Pass, and since we're I-Pass-less, that would have meant nearly $2 in tolls instead of $1. Not a lot, but we probably only added a few minutes to our trip by avoiding the I-80 to I-88 route that would have included the tax. The boys travelled GREAT, though the last half hour included some sobbing. Jill asked if I remembered having a trip not end in an emotional breakdown for the last half hour. I told her that I did, but it predated kids. No complaints though, it could be a LOT worse. Found a DQ in Dyersville, IA with a very small tube set-up, just enough to keep the boys occupied and burn off some energy.

Got to our house about 9:30 after switching vehicles with Jill's folks (we can't travel with the dog due to allergies, just too much in a confined space, and the dog sheds a lot in the car). I checked in with my Folding@Home score, and I picked up almost 2,000 points over the weekend!! A bunch of computers sitting around with nothing to do but fold, how great is that? I'm in the top 500 for Team Mac OS X (over 2400 on the team), and I'm moving up! Competition is so good!

Hope you all had a great New Year celebration! We were awake for ringing in the new year, Isaac woke up crying at 11:30 and Jill crawled back into bed at 11:55. By 12:05, no one was awake, but, hey, we got to mumble, "Happy New Year" to each other!