Monday, January 24, 2005

Blogging from the Apple Store

I'm next to the window looking out on Michigan Avenue, blogging at the Apple Store. Jill has a training for work today, here in Chicago, so we got a hotel last night in the suburbs (and hit the Oak Brook store last night). It's been a while since I've driven Lower Wacker Drive. Somehow, without even knowing where on Michigan Avenue this store was located, I ended up parking ONE block from the store. If anyone had been with me, they would have been truly amazed at how this worked out. BTW, Lower Wacker is AWESOME. A couple years ago they tore up the whole upper and lower and rebuilt the whole thing. They did an awesome job, better lighting, smooth street...I was VERY impressed. If you don't know what Wacker Drive is, it is the only street in the world that runs north, south, east and west on two different levels. It runs through downtown Chicago along the Chicago River. It is, in my opinion, the GREATEST street in the world.

I mentioned the Oak Brook store...OK, why on earth would ANYONE design an outdoor mall in the Chicago area?!? Oak Brook Center attracts all these high end stores, but you've got to walk OUTSIDE to get anywhere. It took us fifteen minutes to get to the Apple Store, all outside, and in freezing weather. All I've got to say is this, I won't ever be back to that store!