Friday, January 21, 2005

Handing out Kudos

I've got two big thanks to give out. First, to our local Carpetland USA store, for a huge donation of flooring to my employer, all types of ceramic tile and VCT. The whole thing was worth over $6,000!

Second, to Ford. Man, my F-350 is over ten years old, and it was handling that donation like a champ!! First load was about 1,000 pounds of ceramic tile and 400 pounds of grout. Second load was 1,800 pounds of VCT! Dude, that's nearly a TON! I've got one more load to pick up on Tuesday, but it'll be the smallest yet (probably 1,000 pounds). In both cases today, the truck handled it with ease.

Now, I'm sure that other truck makers have pickups that could do this, but man, this thing is TEN years old! And to think, I could have had the whole family comfortably in the cab with it. It just plain rocks!