Thursday, January 20, 2005

More Proof that France is Weak

I have become more and more convinced that many of the countries that are highly critical of the US are hiding something behind smug self-righteousness. The thing that I believe they are hiding is the fact that they are weak. Weak to the point that they cannot respond to real needs ANYWHERE. This is becoming evident as now French television news is giving it up for the US military effort in the tsunami zone. Notice that the piece points out that the French are completely incapable of responding to such an emergency. While the US is sending in hundreds of tons of supplies, the French have dug a latrine.

I want to be clear here, this is not a commentary on the US being right about Iraq, it is simply a statement that many of the European countries do not have the military capability to respond to anything. They have botched the crisis in Serbia and Rwanda (along with the US), and are now proving to be incapable of providing humanitarian aid when to the most significant tragedy in recent history (if not all of history since the Flood). Should a nation decide to dominate Europe, they could walk through virtually unscathed, in my opinion.

Thanks to Rudy for the link.