Monday, January 03, 2005

Blogging Weather Again...

I can tell that it's winter since weather is a regular topic of discussion, not because I try to avoid serious conversation with people, but because the weather can be a bit more dramatic during the winter. So, here I am blogging it again. After getting hit with an ice storm in Des Moines that left an eighth of an inch of ice over EVERYTHING, we got one today here at home. Not quite as much ice, but it doesn't take much to be bad. It's especially frustrating when it occurs during the day as it means scraping the car windows every time I want to go someplace (three times today).

The real talk, though, is the predicted storm for Wednesday. The snow is supposed to start tomorrow night and carry through Wednesday night with an expected total of 6-12 inches of the white stuff. Needless to say, the boys will be very excited before bed tomorrow night. Hey, 6-12 might even be enough to shut down some businesses or even the schools. Of course, I can walk to work, so I won't bother to take the day off for that, but I might get pretty lonely! :)