Monday, January 24, 2005

Mac mini vs. Dell

The good folks over at MacCentral/MacWorld did of a low-end Dell with the new Mac mini (notice that I did not capitalize "mini," it's not supposed to be). After coming away with the Mac victorious ictorious, they got a whole lot of response, much of it from people who like Dell (I didn't realize they existed!). While not nearly as fanatical as Mac Fans, they did their best to stick up for their computer maker. MacCentral published a response. The response deals with both camps, those who thought the Dell wasn't given a fair shake, and those who felt that the Mac mini wasn't given enough credit.

Personally, I think both articles are fair. The primary point being, "Who are the users that we're talking about here?" The Mac mini is truly an awesome machine. I was able to play with them a couple times this weekend as I hit a couple Apple Stores in the Chicago area (both were sold out of the $599 model, which I was wanting to buy, but I know the Oak Brook store still had the $499 model in stock). This is a computer that I can literally place on my keyboard tray! Since Apple keyboards come with USB ports, it only takes one USB port to plug in both the keyboard and mouse, leaving one USB port and one Firewire port open for other peripherals.

Oh, tonight we placed an order through the online Apple Store. We'll be getting the Mac mini, a new iPod, and Dreamweaver! Wow, the benefits of being a student again (Dreamweaver for students is 75% off the list price!)!!