Wednesday, January 19, 2005

No Firefox?!?

University of Colorado uses eCollege for their online courses. I'm liking the system not that I'm able to access it, but I only have one complaint. Firefox doesn't work with their system. Here it is, the number 2 browser in the world, and it doesn't work. They told me that until they see enough people trying to access it with Firefox, they won't implement it. Me? I use Firefox. Fortunately the good folks who develop extensions for Firefox came up with "User Agent Switcher." Switcher, as I'll call it, basically is a liar. It tells the eCollege servers that I'm using Internet Exploder, even though I'm not. Of course, I usually forget to switch before logging in, so I always get an error message. Due to the lack of confidence that they have in their error messages, though, eCollege allows a user to re-log in right from that error page, so I simply go to my Tools menu, make the switch, and keep going.

And yes, I emailed eCollege and told them that I was lying to them, so they really couldn't trust their browser data. :)