Thursday, February 24, 2005

Gospel of the Plenty

Joseph Oloya Hakim has a very challenging post in the ServLife Africa blogs. As he was sharing his faith in the refugee camps, a young man challenged him by saying that churches teach people to be satisfied in their poverty and their reward will be in heaven. He finishes his post with these comments:

"This is what I believe counts: we as Christians have two choice in our lives- the path of love and the path of selfishness. Everyone is called to choose the type of relationship they want to have with others, we must decide to either love them or to be selfish. But a life of love is neither easy nor comfortable; it demands self-denial, self-donation and control of one’s passion. That is why so many others prefer the other way."

I am far too willing to be guilty of the life of comfort. I am guilty far too often. God, please forgive me for my wrong priorities. Help me move away from comfort and into obedience!