Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sex (and now you want to read this, eh?)

I know you're wondering why I'm posting on the topic of sex, but Anna Aven has an outstanding post on the difference between eros love, as it was originally defined and the modern view of the erotic. She discusses authentic passion versus the modern idea of sexual passion. As a sample, she quotes Donald McCollough saying, "Sex is the act of procreation, the way we make life. But it cdan (sic) never completely satisfy the needs of eros. Eros longs for a more complete and lasting union, a far wider and higher expansion of life, than the joining of two bodies can offer. Sex, though it has the power to distract us, to deceive us into thinking we’re satisfying our hunger for eros. This is why May says that sex can actually fight against eros. We can flee to sex in order to avoid the larger, riskier engagement if our whole being; w can use sex to escape authentic passion.”

I highly recommend this post as a very thoughtful discussion of sex and its role in marriage and in the Kingdom of God (believe it or not!). She writes it from the perspective of a single woman surrounded by a society that seems to live and breathe sex as a goal; not an easy place to be in life.