Friday, February 04, 2005

Uses for a Mac mini

The Mac mini is making the rounds in the tech news arena. Along with the news, though, are a number of articles about specialized uses for a Mac mini. Nerd Vittles has how-to pieces on using the Mac mini as your web server, email server, home automation server, and as a telephony server. Wow, that's not bad for a $500 dollar computer. The only additional software required to do all that is for the home automation and telephony systems. Everything else comes pre-installed as part of the operating system. Of course, all of this is true for any Mac running Mac OS X, but to be able to do all this in a $500 computer is pretty amazing. MacDailyNews even points to an article that states that a base model Mac mini is good enough for 80% of the world's websites. At some point, people may realize that all they need is the connection to the internet and everything else can be done from home or the office, whether it's email or web serving, or pretty much anything else.

Now I'm looking forward to our mini arriving, if only Apple wasn't weeks behind demand!!