Thursday, March 24, 2005

Bad Dog, Bad Attitude

This evening a loose pitbull was under my truck while the owner was trying to coax the dog out. I'm generally not too keen on dealing with strange dogs, and, though this was a puppy, I was less than excited about going outside with a loose pitbull running around. The mother pitbull (which seems to be a mean one) had been loose yesterday, so I'm getting pretty sick of seeing these dogs running around.

Isaac was watching the lady try to get the dog out, and our dog was going nuts in the house. Suddenly the back doorbell rang. When I answered it the lady was there demanding that I go out and help her with her dog. I don't get excited about people demanding that I help them, especially something like this. I told her that I don't deal with dogs I don't know, but I offered her some dog treats, which she took. They didn't do much good, though. She finally left and sent someone else to get the dog (who also gave up). I don't know when the dog left, but it was gone when we looked later.

Jill told me I should stop and see if their dog was back when I had to go to the office to get something. She felt bad that we didn't help her. My response is that I didn't feel bad helping someone with a dog I don't know and an attitude I didn't like. I also wasn't planning on walking to the office since I didn't know if the dog was still out running around.