Thursday, March 24, 2005

Night with the Boys

Josh Groban was in town last night, and since Jill's sister swoons over him, their mom had gotten them tickets for the concert. That left me and the boys to fend for ourselves. We fended at the mall. We went to the play area for a while, then we went for a nice long walk through the entire place (I had taken the two-seated stroller), then we went back to play some more, rode a couple kiddie rides and put a couple pennies in the funnel (where the coins go 'round and 'round and 'round). As we were finishing that up, Nathan started to run off. Hmmm...not good, especially since he's done that before. He had only gotten about 40 feet when I yelled to him. He stopped and looked at me and then turned to start walking again. I yelled again and he stopped. I went over and got him and we had yet another little talk about running off at the mall. I think we need a leash. It wouldn't be so bad if he had the speed of a typical three year old, but the kid is amazingly fast for his age, so he has the potential of disappearing in a moment's time. Small, young and fast, not a good combination.

I was watching him run earlier in the evening. He would run around the play area over and over and over. When he'd decide it was time to stop, he'd come running up to me and pull up. He's such a natural runner that his form was almost identical to an olympic sprinter. Jill is worried that he'll like football. I'm not. ;)