Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Relevant Church (aka for those who are easily offended, both links work) found an interesting book by the name of this post, with a longer than usual post about it. The post includes this quote from Brian Kay's book The Local Church: Sometimes Annoying but Never Optional:
"Sermons got wittier, music lyrics got catchier, and meat-and-potatoes theology took a back seat to just about everything else. ... In a way, the church-growth movement worked, because a lot more people started coming on Sunday. But, as its music and preaching became more trivial, many other sensible people stopped taking the Church seriously. Who could blame them?"

That is so true. Churches are far more attractive if they are simply real. Real in what they believe (don't water it down), real in how they act (get out in the community because its important, not for advertising), real in how they teach (if you don't believe it, why do you teach it). I have yet to figure out why some churches even exist. They say that the Bible isn't true and/or accurate, yet they claim to teach what Jesus wants them to teach. Most of those churches are dying one funeral at a time because they are hypocrits and everyone knows it. If you don't accept the Bible, don't act like you do (and don't ask me to show up). You just give every legitimate church a bad name.