Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be a crazy day. I'm starting my day with an interview for a potential restaurant manager. We'll then talk to someone else who may buy the restaurant, then I'll go out to a fancy restaurant for lunch. It's the annual luncheon for the Rockford Area Affordable Housing Coalition. Should be a good time there. After that I'll close up our restaurant and go home (usually takes a while). Our oven went out yesterday, so our sales will be way down tomorrow. Our sandwiches aren't nearly as good if they don't get heated up. Still, with the cold front today, soup is a great option, and we've got some of the best soup around. Hopefully the oven will be back by the end of the day tomorrow. Definitely need it back by opening on Thursday!! Needless to say, its been a pretty high stress week on the restaurant front.

On a good note, we received a new projector and laptop via a grant from our neighborhood bank. We got an InFocus projector that can work off of a USB memory stick (very cool!) and a Toshiba laptop. I must say that I'm very impressed with the laptop. Our cost will be about $600 after rebates. For that price we got a 15" screen, Wi-Fi, and a combo drive. I've been working with it for a couple days to get it set up and get the necessary software installed. My first attempt at using the Wi-Fi was last night here at home. It fired right up and I was able to log onto our wireless network very easily and quickly. Gotta hand it to Apple, their Airport Express is an awesome little gadget, and it works very easily with a Windows XP computer. I also learned that my home network has better security than our work Wi-Fi (WPA vs. WEP). I wasn't sure what we had at work, so I'm a little disappointed, but WEP is better than nothing, which is what most people have in their homes (very BAD idea!). Ah well, I must give kudos to Toshiba for producing a very nice laptop. I will be enjoying it!