Friday, May 06, 2005

Cheap Gas, But Who Wants It?

I saw gas at $1.97 this morning, so I thought I'd take advantage and get a Dew at the same time. My wife's van was half empty, so it was a worthwhile venture, or so I assumed. I pulled into a pump right in the middle thinking that I wouldn't have to prepay. I got out, hit the "Pay Inside" button, opened my tank, selected my gas grade and waited. I then noticed the LCD screen telling me I had to prepay at that pump. Prepay at the middle pump?!? OK, I'll skip the Dew. I inserted my credit card and waited. It asked if I wanted to use a debit card. Um...I just inserted a credit card, why would I want that? No. Do I want a car wash? I just had it washed! No. Do I want a receipt. Actually, at this point I just want gas. Oh well, Yes. Now I'm supposed to take out the nozzle and lift the handle. The nozzle is already in my gas tank and the handle is already raised. I lower the handle and raise it again. The pump tells me to swipe my card. I lowered the handle, replaced the nozzle and left. My wife's tank is half full, after all.