Sunday, April 24, 2005

Psalm 42

Heard a lesson this morning focused on this passage. It really hit home. When times are tough and overwhelming, God is still the only One who we can depend on. It seems that David was running from his own son, Absollom, when this was written. Can you even imagine how overwhelming it must have been to be living in fear of his own child, who he also desperately loved? When David's army battled his son's army, David sat at the gate of Jerusalem waiting for word about his son. When he found out that his army had won, and his son had been killed, he was distraught beyond human comfort. What a horrible way to win a war. Psalm 42 reflects on David as he was being hunted by his son. He could no longer worship God publicly with other people. He was alone and on the run, fearing the one he loved. When people would question him, it was along the lines of "Where is your God?" David was desperate to be close to God, yet he had to lean on God without the help of anyone else. Isn't that true of all of us when we face significant trials?