Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New Item in the Header

You'll notice that I've finally sat down and figured out how to add my Folding Team's logo to my blog. I even put it right up front. Since I'm pretty much a novice at anything to do with web design, it took me quite a bit longer than it would have taken most folks. Fortunately I was able to pull out a Christmas present to help me figure it all out.

For those new to my blog, Folding@Home is a distributed computing effort from Stanford University. Researchers are studying how proteins fold so that they can better understand how the process plays a role in disease, specifically in certain types of cancer, Parkinsons, Huntingtons, and Alzheimers. Stanford created a competition amongst teams in a recruiting effort. Team Mac OS X is ranked number 11 (out of a couple thousand teams), and we're looking to move up the ranks. Unlike most teams out there, though, we're pretty platform neutral (contrary to the name!) and a couple team members have created installation software to help in the process of getting started (look here). The some software is designed for Windows, other software is designed for Mac OS X. I've used both and recommend that you take advantage of the easy methods of getting started. The Folding software itself is designed to scale back when you are using your computer, so you'll never even notice a performance hit.

Join the battle against disease, Fold for Team Mac OS X!!