Saturday, May 07, 2005

Firefox Issues & Rude Customer Service

I've been having some minor issues with Firefox for the last week or so. They're slightly irritating, so I thought I'd go to their forums to look for a fix. I went to this forum and decided that I just didn't want their help! These moderators are simply RUDE!! No thanks! If someone is using a product that you believe in enough to help out in the forums, then don't trash people when they want help! I was shocked that they would even pretend that this is a support page. I started to register with the site so I could post a complaint, but I figure it'd just get deleted anyway, so I backed out and won't be back. If I can't figure out the issue on my own, then I'll be pulling Firefox off of my Macs (its still fine in Windows) and go back to Safari. It may be a bit of a hassle due to my bookmarks, but it would sure beat asking a question from the Firefox support team!