Sunday, June 12, 2005

Great Time Away

We got back for Door County, WI where we were camping for a few days. Even though it's a touristy area, Verizon Wireless doesn't provide coverage, so, while I could receive calls, I couldn't access my voicemail. Needless to say, I really didn't care. We stayed at Peninsula State Park with two other families. The camping get-together is an annual thing, though this was our first year in Door County. The kids all had a blast. Nathan was able to keep up with the other kids, even though he and Isaac are the youngest. It's quite amazing to see Nathan outrun kids who are nearly twice his age.

We did quite a bit of biking. I pulled the boys in a trailer that we have for them. Nathan and I nearly ran over a huge snake. It had to be at least 6 feet long and 3 inches in diameter. It was laying on the side of the road soaking up the rays. When we went back to the others and brought some along to see it, it was gone, so I know it was alive.

My only regret? I didn't get a picture of me at Sven's Bluff. I'm bummed because there are too many jokes to be had with that one. :-)

I've heard that Wisconsin has the best state park system in the US, and I've never been given a reason to doubt that. There's only one park I've been to that I won't return, and that's because the area has too much iron in the water, so it looks like rust. Every other park we've been to, whether for camping or just for a day's picnic trip, has been awesome.

Oh yeah, and we stopped at Lambeau Field on the way up. One of the family's has a Packer's fan, so they wanted to see it.